5710 Flail Mower

5710 Flail Mower/Shredder

As an experienced flail mower manufacturer, Hiniker has crafted 5710 Flail Mower/Shredder as the ideal machine for mowing, defoliating, and residue shredding operations. Its 32-Knife flail cylinder cuts a big 6 foot (1.83 M) swath through grass, weeds, or crop residues. High-vacuum cupped knives create plenty of suction to draw material up off the ground, assuring neat and thorough mowing and shredding. Cutting height is easily adjusted with either a manual ratchet jack or a hydraulic cylinder. And all Hiniker 5710’s include constant-velocity P.T.O. drive shafts and overrunning driveline clutches as standard equipment, to protect driveline components from excess wear and tear during turns and when shutting down the P.T.O.

See it in action!

A constant-velocity P.T.O. shaft protects the driveline during turns, reducing wear on drive components.
32 high-vacuum knives provide cutting and blowing action, eliminating separate conveyors and blowers.


Cutting Width

Cutting Height


Weight (w/tires)

Knives--qty & type

Rim Size

6 Feet (1.83 M)

2-10 in. (5-25 cm)


1580 lb (718 kg)

32 Cup Knives

5.5 x 15 inch

Optional Equipment

-Hydraulic cylinder or ratchet jack for cutting height control.
-7.60 x 15 Ribbed tires (as shown)